Voucher, card red
Voucher (Size 50 Euro)
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Voucher, card red
Voucher, card red


The ideal gift for every Blutsgeschwister darling sister: our very own gift cards. Selectable voucher value makes it easy to choose between small and bigger gifts.
No minimum order value! A versatile gift idea in Blutsgeschwister design that's a feast for the eye, emailed to you or to the lucky recipient of your choosing. Redeemable online or at every Blutsgeschwister flagship and outlet store. You may also print this with an additional personal message for extra delight - a pleasant sight on every gift table, and what a lure to the next joyful online store shopping spree.
50.00 €   incl. 16% VAT, free shipping, delivered immediately via email

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Why we love this
Bestowing big and little Blutsgeschwister sisters (and brothers!) with a colourful surprise gift really tickles you pink!
Karin Ziegler, Head of Design
Karin Ziegler, Head of Design
Voucher, card red
The best fabric
The piece of luck

With great attention to detail we design in Berlin unique cuts, fabrics and color schemes. When selecting the raw materials and the finishing processes we pay particular attention to optimal comfort and functionality. We work with longstanding production partners and try to avoid unnecessary chemicals, leather & fur. We are committed to a fair wear philosophy and make Blutsgeschwister favorite pieces last for a long time.

Member of the Fair Wear Foundation