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The measurements of our articles are based on the German standard measures; however, due to different materials and cuts it is quite possible that the fit of some articles will vary.  In order to ensure that you will always find the right size, we are providing the following tools and information:

  • Individual size guide via our size finder
    Use our "Find your size" tool to receive customised recommendations.  The tool is displayed with every article you pick, right next to the selection of sizes.  By utilising it, you can benefit from the experiences other Blutsgeschwister have made regarding the articles' size.

  • Article-specific measurements
    Many of our articles are listed with the "Fit" section, under which you can find precise measurements for the specific model.  These measurements always refer to the clothing size S.

  • Our size chart provides a rough orientation
    The data stated here are meant to help you in selecting the correct size.  Make sure to always measure close to your body. 

Otherwise, you can always contact our customer service directly if you have specific questions regarding the fit or specific measurements - we will gladly advise you personally.

Availability of products


Since all our articles are limited and will no longer be produced once they are gone, it may happen that some articles sell out very quickly.  However, you can learn here how you might be able to snatch up your favourite piece nonetheless.  

  • If you're lucky, the desired item will become available again if a customer returns it.  Our logistics sector accepts returns on a regular basis, so it might be worthwhile to check our online shop every now and then. As a member of our free VIB Club, you can easily be notified by e-mail if your desired article is back in stock.
  • Alternatively, you can try your luck at a flagship store or a local store that carries Blutsgeschwister articles. All our stores are listed here

You are looking for a special gem from an older collection?

You are looking for a special gem from an older collection?

There is a chance that you will find it in our online shop Outlet or in our "Schnapp Shop" in Weil am Rhein. Please note that our online shop Outlet can only be accessed by VIB Club members. 


The Fair Wear Foundation is an international multi stakeholder organisation headquartered in Amsterdam. Together with its member companies, the foundation is committed to continuously improve the working conditions in the textile industry.

We have been members of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2013. It supports us as an independent expert in the review and implementation of the eight defined Labour Standards (standards for working conditions) in our production facilities: 

These standards form the centrepiece of our commitment. As a partner of our suppliers, we have a direct influence on the social standards that apply in the production countries. Therefore, we rely on long-term supplier relationships and support our partners in implementing measures to ensure compliance with the FWF Code of Labour. 

We are convinced that a long-term collaboration is the key to to achieve lasting changes in the supply chain. The following video provides more information about the things we promote together with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF): 


We demand and promote fair working conditions 
Once a year, in a so-called Brand Performance Check , the FWF evaluates how successfully we implement the Code of Conduct with our suppliers. Management systems such as, for example, production planning, purchasing, and supplier relationships are reviewed. In addition, it assesses how we support our suppliers in resolving problems, grievances, and deficiencies, e.g. through effective complaint mechanisms that strengthen transparency and trust.

In 2016, we succeeded for the first time in achieving the highest membership status of "Leader", which we are proud to maintain to this day. Particularly in the areas of living wages and freedom of association, we achieved outstanding successes and were rated "Best Practice" by the FWF. 

"This does not mean we are going to rest on our laurels. There is still so much to do and to improve. We set new goals for ourselves every year to achieve sustainable improvements in working conditions in our value chain."

Katharina Fest, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) manager at Blutsgeschwister 

A continuous process that will never be fully completed, and which our CSR Manager Katharina Fest will drive all the more passionately! Katharina will keep you up to date about innovations and developments in our customer magazine as well as online. 

All Brand Performance Checks from the beginning of our FWF membership to the present day are publicly accessible on the Fair Wear Foundation's homepage. You can see the current Brand Performance Check as well as our CSR and Social Report here: