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bohemian beauty robe, smaragd crepe, Dresses, Grün
bohemian beauty robe, icecream crepe, Dresses, Weiß
bohemian beauty robe, sunflower crepe, Dresses, Gelb
happy capri legs, ice ice baby, Leggings, Turquoise
happy capri legs, hippie zig zag, Leggings, Pink
happy capri legs, under the sea, Leggings, Blue
hot knot summer robe, under the sea, Dresses, Blue
hot knot summer robe, hippie zig zag, Dresses, Pink
hot knot summer robe, ice ice baby, Dresses, Turquoise
hot knot summer robe, paint me pretty, Dresses, Purple
hot knot summer robe, picking the pineapple, Dresses, Black
lady doll skirt, smaragd crepe, Skirts, Grün
lady doll skirt, icecream crepe, Skirts, Weiß
lady doll skirt, sunflower crepe, Skirts, Gelb
pumperjumper, bathing beauty, Trousers, Turquoise
pumperjumper, happy zig zag, Trousers, Rot
pumperjumper, tangerine tropical, Trousers, Orange
pumperjumper, underwater love, Trousers, Black
We create timeless and durable collections that, true to our motto, prefer to belong to your wardrobe forever. Favorite pieces.
Karin Ziegler
Head of Design
beine hoch legs, valley rose, Leggings, Grün
beine hoch legs, forester love, Leggings, Black
cowshed romance dress, foxy fox, Dresses, Black
cowshed romance dress, alpine lovers, Dresses, Grün
cowshed romance dress, forester birdlove , Dresses, Blue
cowshed romance dress, roses of black forest , Dresses, Rot
glockengeläut robe, folksy lady flies, Dresses, Weiß
glockengeläut robe, fly over alpine, Dresses, Gelb
glockengeläut robe, fly over forest , Dresses, Blue
glockengeläut robe, foxy flower , Dresses, Black