Piff Boum Bang Robe, red riding hood, Jersey Dresses, Grün
tanzlaune legs, red riding hood, Leggings, Grün
pow wow shirt , red riding hood, Longsleeve, Rot
pow wow shirt , iceflower ornament, Longsleeve, Blau
pow wow shirt , party people, Longsleeve, Schwarz
robe de coralie , night floral tulle, Woven Dresses, Schwarz
robe de coralie , ice floral tulle, Woven Dresses, Blau
true romance robe, dots of love, Jersey Dresses, Rot
We create timeless and long-lasting collections that faithfully belong to our motto, preferably forever in the wardrobe. Favorite pieces just.
Karin Ziegler
Head of Design
controleuse scandaleux cardy, midnight traintravel, Knitted jackets, Blau
controleuse scandaleux cardy, cosy traintravel, Knitted jackets, Grün
controleuse scandaleux cardy, luxury traintravel, Knitted jackets, Rot
controleuse scandaleux cardy, night traintravel, Knitted jackets, Schwarz
dream of jeanny dress , orient salon, Jersey Dresses, Grün
dream of jeanny dress , always free for tea, Jersey Dresses, Blau
dream of jeanny dress , balkan birds, Jersey Dresses, Schwarz
dream of jeanny dress , jeannies tiles, Jersey Dresses, Rot
miserlou performance robe, hungarian roses, Jersey Dresses, Schwarz
miserlou performance robe, cafe peacock, Jersey Dresses, Grün
miserlou performance robe, enchanted night, Jersey Dresses, Blau
miserlou performance robe, joyfull jeannie, Jersey Dresses, Rot
railway romance dress, wishes come true, Woven Dresses, Rot
railway romance dress, art deco love, Woven Dresses, Grün
railway romance dress, magic carpet, Woven Dresses, Blau
railway romance dress, sweet squirrel, Woven Dresses, Schwarz
tour d'amour shirt, cafe peacock, Longsleeve, Grün
tour d'amour shirt, enchanted night, Longsleeve, Blau
tour d'amour shirt, hungarian roses, Longsleeve, Schwarz
tour d'amour shirt, joyfull jeannie, Longsleeve, Rot
velvet eyes jupe, persian poppy, Woven Skirts, Blau
velvet eyes jupe, dots of vienna, Woven Skirts, Blau
velvet heart robe, blue velvet, Dresses, Blau
velvet heart robe, black velvet, Dresses, Schwarz
velvet heart robe, red velvet, Dresses, Rot
cold days warm heart jacket, mama matroschka, Zip jackets, Grün
cold days warm heart jacket, dancing matroschka, Zip jackets, Rot
cold days warm heart jacket, loving swans, Zip jackets, Rosa
cold days warm heart jacket, swimming swans, Zip jackets, Schwarz