paris mon amour longzip, love apple, Jackets & Coats, Black
We create timeless and durable collections that, true to our motto, prefer to belong to your wardrobe forever. Favorite pieces.
Karin Ziegler
Head of Design
belle de palazzo pants, kingly souvenirs, Trousers, Black
belle de palazzo pants, hidden garden flowers, Trousers, Red
belle de palazzo pants, queenly souvenirs, Trousers, Green
belle de palazzo pants, wild thing, Trousers, Blue
crown princess robe, royal souvenirs, Dresses, Blue
crown princess robe, graceful anastasia, Dresses, Black
crown princess robe, prunk sisters, Dresses, Black
crown princess robe, the black sheep, Dresses, Red
crown princess robe, top ramen, Dresses, Fawn
crowned heart dress, royal ruby, Dresses, Black
crowned heart dress, punk heart, Dresses, Blue
crowned heart dress, scottish taste, Dresses, Red
crowned heart dress, secret midnight lights, Dresses, Red
geisha garden pants, secret garden, Leggings, Black
happy folks joy dress, hunting trophy, Dresses, Green
happy folks joy dress, englands rose, Dresses, Green
happy folks joy dress, god shave the queen, Dresses, White
happy folks joy dress, gracious geishas, Dresses, Red
happy folks joy dress, majestic medallion, Dresses, Black
kesse grenardesse legs, majestic medallion, Leggings, Black
kesse grenardesse legs, englands rose, Leggings, Green
kesse grenardesse legs, god shave the queen, Leggings, White
kesse grenardesse legs, gracious geishas, Leggings, Red
kesse grenardesse legs, hunting trophy, Leggings, Green
velvet wonder longsweat , goldy beetles, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Black
velvet wonder longsweat , blacky beetles, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Red