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harbour d'amour shirt, strawberry soucre, Shirts, Green
harbour d'amour shirt, first kiss, Shirts, Fawn
harbour d'amour shirt, les stripes, Shirts, Red
harbour d'amour shirt, melodie amour, Shirts, Black
jour et nuit suit, les stripes, Trousers, Red
jour et nuit suit, melodie amour, Trousers, Black
jour et nuit suit, mister pot plant, Trousers, Blue
jour et nuit suit, strawberry soucre, Trousers, Green
kiss me quick legs, mister pot plant, Leggings, Blue
kiss me quick legs, les stripes, Leggings, Red
kiss me quick legs, melodie amour, Leggings, Black
kiss me quick legs, strawberry soucre, Leggings, Green
We create timeless and durable collections that, true to our motto, prefer to belong to your wardrobe forever. Favorite pieces.
Karin Ziegler
Head of Design
ohlala tralala robe, mister pot plant, Dresses, Blue
ohlala tralala robe, first kiss, Dresses, Fawn
ohlala tralala robe, les stripes, Dresses, Red
ohlala tralala robe, melodie amour, Dresses, Black
ohlala tralala robe, strawberry soucre, Dresses, Green
simplement bien jupe, dreams are my reality, Skirts, Black
simplement bien jupe, chu chu colibri, Skirts, Black
tic tac tee, simply black, Shirts, Black
tic tac tee, simply blue, Shirts, Blue
tic tac tee, simply peach, Shirts, Pink
tic tac tee, simply white, Shirts, White
tic tac tee, simply yellow, Shirts, Yellow
camping odysee longzip , friendship power, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Green
camping odysee longzip , fish friends, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, White
camping odysee longzip , shower flower, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, White
camping odysee longzip , tiny toucan, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Black