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Frequently asked questions

Can I also order by phone? 
Unfortunately, we don't take orders by phone, but our customer service will be happy to guide you through the ordering process in the online shop if you need help.

Has my order been received?
You will be redirected back to our website after the bank transfer has been completed, and you will immediately receive an order confirmation by email so that you can be sure that everything worked out fine. 

Can I change my order afterwards? 
After you have completed your order, it will be transferred directly to our logistics department. Therefore, changes are only possible under certain conditions. Please get in touch with us immediately so that we can check to see whether your desired changes are possible.

Can I track my package?
Once your package has been handed over to DHL, you will receive a shipping confirmation from us with your tracking number. This allows you to check the current location of your order at any time, as well as when it is expected to arrive.

How will I receive the gift voucher I purchased?
Your gift voucher will be sent to you by email immediately after your order. With the link included in the email, you can conveniently print out the gift voucher from home. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you cannot find the email. 

Why can't I purchase on account via Klarna?
Please note that when purchasing on account, the delivery and billing addresses must match. Likewise, if you want to redeem a gift voucher, we can't offer purchase on account. 

Can I also return sale items?
Of course we completely understand that some items may not appeal to you after all, or they may not fit properly. Therefore, you always have the option of returning them within 14 days for free - this also applies to items that have already been reduced in price. 

Can I also return items to a flagship store? 
Unfortunately, that is not possible; you can find information about returns from the online shop here

How does the €-value discount code work?
Choose your favourites and drop them into the shopping basket. In the shopping basket summary, you'll find the header "voucher code". This is where you enter the discount code. Once you have clicked "redeem", the shopping basket discount will be discounted from your order.

How does the shopping basket rebate work?
The discount will be deducted from your final shopping basket value. You will therefore not pay the full amount on all items, as you are granted a discount - every single article will be rebated with the correct percentage so that your shopping basket will display the rebated value.

    This may look like in the following:

  • shopping basket example:

    You place two items into the shopping basket.
    - item 1 costs 69,95 €.
    - item 2 costs 49,95 €.

    o  total value of goods before discount: 119,90 €
    o discount in example: 20 €
    o The shopping basket total value thus is 99,90 € - equalling a shopping basket discount of 16,68% in this case.

  • Assignation of the shopping basket discount on specific items in your order confirmation and invoice:

    The discount of the basket value of in this case 16,68% will be allocated to both items.

    - item 1 has been purchased for 58,28 € instead of 69,95 €  (= 16,68 % discount)
    - item 2 has been purchased for 41,62% instead of 49,95 €  (= 16,68 % discount)

    o Overall, this results in a total account of 99,90 € - in accordance with the sum of your shopping basket.

    What happens when I want to return one or more items?
    You can return every item without giving a reason.

  • part return:
    We will credit your account with the amount of every discounted individual price.

  • full return:
    You will be credited with the sum of every individual discounted price on your invoice - this equals the final value of your shopping basket.

    This may look like in the following:

    o The value of your shopping basket sans discount amounts to 119,90 €. Minus 20,00 € discount, your rebated total account is 99,90 €.
    o You would like to return item 2, original price at 49,95 €.
    o After deduction of the shopping basket discount, this item has been purchased for 41,62 € - as depicted on your invoice bill. This amount will be credited to your account in case of return.