How it started...

History & Sustainability

Blutsgeschwister was founded on a sunny Ash Wednesday in March 2001 by a small circle of visionaries, free spirits and hedonists. One of them was Karin Ziegler, who to this day is responsible for the creation of all collections. The place, an abandoned industrial wasteland near Stuttgart's northern railway station, seemed ideal for the development of what Blutsgeschwister has been standing for ever since those days: creating a distinctive brand of fashion for potential soulmates and enchant the fashion world with 'German Schick' and fantastic storytelling. In 2009, the wind of change blew hard, and the creative mothership headed for Berlin. Stephan Künz came aboard in 2009, running the business side of things in swabian hub Stuttgart until 2015. One year later, all Blutsgeschwister people united their forces in the Berlin headquarters. 

Why we are here, and such

From the very beginnings, we were pumped to stir up fashion monotony with silliness and flashes of genius. Our goal remains the enchantment of the world through our ideas, patterns, colours and stories.We don't follow trends, but instead create our own carefree worlds, sometimes inspired by time travels. Our collections tend to cite traditions, combined in unique ways with modern urbanity. Every garment has its own clever name and tells its own story. Artful cuts flattering women's figures, and striking colour/pattern designs exclusively designed by Blutsgeschwister: you can tell by the work(wo)manship that, not unlike our customers, we like it sophisticated.

We have faith, love and hope

Our brand symbols - cross, heart and anchor - stem from seafaring. Yet for us, they stand for the faith in the individual, love for creativity and our down-to-earth attitude. Which practically speaking means: we insist on a fair togetherness, no matter if we're dealing with our colleagues, our customers or a supplier. We develop our creations in Berlin by ourselves. Also, we like to think and act as sustainably as possible, emphasizing long-lasting quality and gentle use of our natura resources. 

More about us

Under the Blutsgeschwister umbrella, you'll spot our product line Blutsgeschwister Ladies, the unconventional designer collection for women. The Blutsgeschwister Kids is also there, providing mamas with clothing inspired by the grown-up garments - mama and kid in partner look. But creativity does not stop at the hemline with Blutsgeschwister: our Homewear easily transforms ordinary rooms into cosy quasi-cottages with its extraordinary home accessories. Blutsgeschwister Accessories completes the collections for ladies with a range of individualistic companions such as bags, purses up tp scarfs, drapes and pendants. Blutsgeschwister Wonderglasses proves, by way of trailblazing sunglasses and correction-frames in limited editions, that looking great and seeing clearly are closely related.

Our responsibility

Our collections cite traditions and combine these in unique ways with modern urbanity. Our cuts are made artfully, the striking colour and fabric designs are exclusively produced by us, and the workmanship is as sophisticated as our customers' tastes.

With extraordinary ideas, patterns, colours and stories, we want to put a smile on your beautiful face and keep it there for the longest while. We do not follow trends, but create our own carefree worlds inspired by time travels. Our products are, thus, timeless.

They are enduring favourites - their longevity a testament to our sustainable product design!

Learn more about our sense of responsibility in our CSR report  
Learn more about our production conditions in the social report of the Fair Wear Foundation

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Blutsgeschwister was founded on a sunny Ash Wednesday in March 2001 by a small group of visionaries, freethinkers and hedonists. One of them was Karin Ziegler, who is responsible for the creation of all lines to date. The place, an abandoned industrial wasteland at Stuttgart North Station, was conceivable suitable for formation of what the bloodsisters are since that day: to create distinctive fashion for soulmates and the fashion world with "German Schick" and imaginative to enchant stories. 2009, the wind and the creative mothership turned head toward Berlin. Since 2010 Stephan Künz manages the business of the Swabian metropolis of Stuttgart, while Karin Ziegler conducts the creative center from the capital. From 2016 onwards all Blutsgeschwister staff is united in our Berlin headquarter.

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