The Wizard of Bluts
Autumn & Winter 2019

The Wizard of Bluts

"Ever since I saw the Wizard of Oz as a child, with my mouth wide open, the memorable sets and characters have been an infinite source of inspiration for me!"
Karin Ziegler, Founder and Head of Design

Before we dive into this magical collection we‘d first like to give you a bit of well-intentioned advice. Be careful - if you think you‘re going to be enchanted by Dorothy and her friends again, you better forget about it. What matters is the memory! Instead, join us on our imaginative journey "somewhere over the rainbow". We‘ve carefully interpreted the story for you with courage, heart and mind and turned it into a lovely fabric world for today.

Discover the articles of the collection The Wizard of Bluts :
greta in love robe , emerald palace, Dresses, Black
greta in love robe , dorothy doily, Dresses, Blue
greta in love robe , hillbilly friendship, Dresses, Red
greta in love robe , popping poppy, Dresses, Blue
something to believe in coat, wizard of bluts, Jackets & Coats, Green
something to believe in coat, sweet home check, Jackets & Coats, Red
true romance robe, somewhere over the rainbow , Dresses, White
true romance robe, auntie em , Dresses, Blue
true romance robe, oh omaha , Dresses, Red
true romance robe, tiny heart, Dresses, Black
Festive and magical at the same time: The "grata in love robe" in the color "emerald palace" is my absolute favorite from this fairytale collection that invites you to dream.
Marion Meyer-Arendt
Head of Retail
witch of the west longzip, pixie heart, Jackets & Coats, Red
witch of the west longzip, bouquet for auntie, Jackets & Coats, Blue
witch of the west longzip, dorothy dottie, Jackets & Coats, Green
witch of the west longzip, free as a bird , Jackets & Coats, Black