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Sunshine State
Spring & Summer 2020

Sunshine State

Welcome to Miami!
If you only think about the TV show from the 80s, you have missed some natural beauties!
There's a lot more to discover on a discovery tour in the Sunshine State...

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botanical attraction robe, tropical night, Dresses, Black
botanical attraction robe, beach berry, Dresses, Blue
botanical attraction robe, borlando berry, Dresses, Green
botanical attraction robe, tropical heat, Dresses, Red
heart on fire robe, parrot parody, Dresses, Green
heart on fire robe, fine flower, Dresses, White
heart on fire robe, flowmingo, Dresses, Black
heart on fire robe, fresh breeze, Dresses, Blue
heart on fire robe, tiki gold, Dresses, Yellow
out in the green jumper, borlando berry, Trousers, Green
out in the green jumper, beach berry, Trousers, Blue
out in the green jumper, tropical heat, Trousers, Red
out in the green jumper, tropical night, Trousers, Black
I am particularly looking forward to the light viscose pieces, which are insimated by Art Deco elements, in mustard-yellow tones. Whether it's a long maxi skirt, blouse or culotte, summer can begin!
Bettina Wilmes
Brand Communication & Media Designer