Sea of Love
Spring & Summer 2019

Sea of Love

The perfect summer wave straps on some skates and is getting ready to roll. Thanks to fast fins, we´re floating towards it auspicioulsy - our midsummer collection Sea of Love. But where will it lead us? We all know that summer is too short to stay in one port.
That´s why we start in our local outdoor pool, where we can laze about on an air mattress and enjoy popsicles. Sailing the ocean during the day, then seeing red as a colour of the most magnificent sunst we´ve ever seen! In fact, we´ve always wanted to collect seashells and risk a little dance with an octopus. Let´s go to Ibiza and to the beach, where we will succumb to the gentle summer rush like sensuously beautiful street cats - hiccup!

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The "harajuku hoody " is my absolute favorite of the Collection. The fresh colours and casual look make me immediately think of summer, sun and beach.
Janna Meyhöfer
Product Development