Royal Flash
Autumn & Winter 2019

Royal Flash

Noblesse oblige: That's how the royal families love and live! 

This or something like this would be the headline in the world's tabloids that we - even when we don't like to admit it - devour at the hairdresser's.  The gossip and rumours of the rich and beautiful gives us a little splendour in our sometimes lacklustre everyday lives.  The "Royal Flash" magazine offers you (textile) stories at their best.  Our paparazzi snaps through the royal life of the world's royal families.  Whether it's Japan's dynasty empire, Russia at the height of the tsars or England during Lady Diana's lifetime. 

God save the Queen! 

Discover the articles of the collection Royal Flash :
crowned heart dress, punk heart, Dresses, Blue
crowned heart dress, royal ruby, Dresses, Black
crowned heart dress, scottish taste, Dresses, Red
crowned heart dress, secret midnight lights, Dresses, Red
happy folks joy dress, hunting trophy, Dresses, Green
happy folks joy dress, englands rose, Dresses, Green
happy folks joy dress, god shave the queen, Dresses, White
happy folks joy dress, gracious geishas, Dresses, Red
happy folks joy dress, majestic medallion, Dresses, Black
her casual highness swearka, queenly souvenirs, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Green
her casual highness swearka, hidden garden flowers, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Red
her casual highness swearka, kingly souvenirs, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Black
her casual highness swearka, wild thing, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Blue
oh my darling shirt, englands rose, Shirts, Green
oh my darling shirt, god shave the queen, Shirts, White
oh my darling shirt, gracious geishas, Shirts, Red
oh my darling shirt, hunting trophy, Shirts, Green
oh my darling shirt, majestic medallion, Shirts, Black
What flashes me the most? Definitely the "crowningday skirt"! I crown it to the most beautiful skirt of the winter and let all four patterns move into my wardrobes's kingdom.
Kathrin Bürgle
Product management online & marketing