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Mélodie d‘amour
Spring & Summer 2020

Mélodie d‘amour

There‘s no better place for love in springtime than in Paris. Birds chirp on the freshly budding trees, an accordion player expertly plays chansons, the small cafés on the street corners are filled with people.
We admire the Parisian women, stroll through the romantic streets, hit the weekly markets and explore the city by scooter like Vic and Mathieu did in the 80s classic "La Boum". Later on, during a romantic visit to the Eiffel Tower where you can see over the rooftops of the city, your heart will finally go boom boom pour l‘amour.

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The "très chic chansonette robe" is like a walk through the picturesque streets of Paris! Oh là là, I'm in love!
Mariele Frische
Performance Marketing & Service
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