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Liebesgrüße aus dem Orient Express
Autumn & Winter 2018

Liebesgrüße aus dem Orient Express

The luxurious Orient Express takes us on a comfortable trip to the past along quiet tracks.  On the first night in the travelling fancy hotel, we make an extended stopover in Vienna at the turn of the century, as nobility is obligated!  Then we pass by the wonderful Budapest before the landscape becomes more sparse and we wander through the infinite Balkan forests.  Thanks to the firewater served in abundance in the dining car, etiquette and composure are lost and we dance until all bottles are empty and the magic genie in a bottle appears to us.  On to the grand finale!  In Constantinople we admire the palaces covered in mosaics and sink into the starry sky from The Arabian Nights. So my ladies and gentlemen, please get on board and take care on the platform edge!

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welcome aboard longsweat, morning cabin, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Yellow
welcome aboard longsweat, dinner cabin, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Blue
welcome aboard longsweat, first class cabin, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Red
welcome aboard longsweat, night cabin, Jumpers & lightweight Jackets, Black
When I saw the "velvet eyes jupe" it was love at first sight! I can't wait to wear it for the first time on a sunny autumn day and walk through the golden-yellow foliage.
Vanessa Haupt
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