Holidays at Home
Autumn & Winter 2020

Holidays at Home

Why travel far away when the greatest happiness can often be found inside the four walls of your own home?
We‘ll be enjoying the holiday period in our own home in four worlds of colour, each of which tells its own story of home comfort and bliss!

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Dress heimatherz, snowgirl in me, Dresses, Blue
Dress heimatherz, i pack my back, Dresses, Brown
Dress heimatherz, try the tartan, Dresses, Red
Knitted Jumper long turtle, pink shell, Jumpers & Sweaters, Pink
Knitted Jumper long turtle, frosty laurel, Jumpers & Sweaters, Blue
Knitted Jumper long turtle, russet laurel, Jumpers & Sweaters, Brown
Knitted Jumper long turtle, teal laurel, Jumpers & Sweaters, Green
Circle Skirt magic circle, beau sew, Skirts, Green
Circle Skirt magic circle, i pack my back, Skirts, Brown
Circle Skirt magic circle, snowgirl in me, Skirts, Blue
Circle Skirt magic circle, try the tartan, Skirts, Red
Longsleeve tailorlove turtle, scissors sisters, Shirts, Black
Longsleeve tailorlove turtle, après ski, Shirts, Yellow
Longsleeve tailorlove turtle, blast from the past, Shirts, Brown
Longsleeve tailorlove turtle, perfect in every way, Shirts, Red
Longsleeve tailorlove turtle, wild romance, Shirts, Green
Winter Jacket alpenglück, black be in me, Jackets & Coats, Black
Nicki fabric and gllitzer stripes - the combination of "charming turtle zip" and "lucky star trek pants" makes me think back to my youth and provides the perfect 2000s nostalgia!
Lena Bayreuther
Junior Media Designer
Jersey Dress wuthering heigths, après ski, Dresses, Yellow
Jersey Dress wuthering heigths, perfect in every way, Dresses, Red
Jersey Dress wuthering heigths, wild romance, Dresses, Green