Spring & Summer 2021

Hello Sunshine

Let's go Bananas - the best-of pieces of the season crown the spring/summer collections.
Two delightful little worlds of colour have been created from the season's favourites. From tropical beach paradise to sunny country holiday!

Summer Dress kap knot diva, om shanti, Dresses, Blue
Summer Dress kap knot diva, black to nineties, Dresses, Black
Summer Dress kap knot diva, joyful green, Dresses, Green
Shorts in full bloom, om shanti, Trousers, Blue
Shorts in full bloom, black to nineties, Trousers, Black
Shorts in full bloom, joyful green, Trousers, Green
T-Shirt carmelita, clean white, Shirts, White
T-Shirt carmelita, bananakus, Shirts, Blue
T-Shirt carmelita, maison de jardin, Shirts, Black