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Spring & Summer 2019


Doesn´t the charm of home simply consist of a wonderful feeling? Cloesely interwoven with precious memories that we guard like a treasure. A sentimental film with regional background intensifies these excact feelings in a brilliant manner. Traditions meet a wonderfully romanticised bundle of mirth and melancholy that sooth our souls.

We have come up with four stories that we tell in our fabrics - with love four our home and ready for the big screen. Our stories are about the fantastic Mrs. Fox, the sweet Mariandl, the pretty Försterliesl and about Piroschka from the Black Forest. Start the film!

Discover the articles of the collection Heimatfilm :
fuchs und hase trench , bird heart, Jackets & Coats, Weiß
fuchs und hase trench , black forest vichy, Jackets & Coats, Schwarz
fuchs und hase trench , fix and foxy, Jackets & Coats, Schwarz
pow wow vau tee, folksy lady flies, Shirts, Weiß
pow wow vau tee, fly over alpine, Shirts, Gelb
pow wow vau tee, fly over forest , Shirts, Blau
pow wow vau tee, foxy flower , Shirts, Schwarz
schwarzwaldmädel robe, roses of black forest , Dresses, Rot
schwarzwaldmädel robe, alpine lovers, Dresses, Grün
schwarzwaldmädel robe, forester birdlove , Dresses, Blau
schwarzwaldmädel robe, foxy fox, Dresses, Schwarz
My highlight is the "fuchs und hase trench with it`s nostalgic "bird heart" print. The everyday walks in the park can be designed even more nicely with this jewel!
Bettina Wilmes
Brand Communication & Media Designer