Autumn & Winter 2018


Let's get glamourous! Filigree tulle, fascinating little details and noble glitter effects announce festive days! With our eyes and mouth wide open we admire the fireworks of colours, patterns and flower embroideries! Also, a special suprise is waiting for you : Your favourite fabric from the fairytale forest is back! You'll be enchanted!

ladyklappe cardigan, christmas red, Cardigans, Rot
ladyklappe cardigan, new eve blue, Cardigans, Blau
ladyklappe cardigan, winter white, Cardigans, Weiß
pow wow shirt , party people, Longsleeve, Schwarz
pow wow shirt , iceflower ornament, Longsleeve, Blau
pow wow shirt , red riding hood, Longsleeve, Rot
robe de coralie , night floral tulle, Woven Dresses, Schwarz
robe de coralie , ice floral tulle, Woven Dresses, Blau
There is a special kind of magic in the air when I think about the wonderful dress "robe de coralie"! Definitely my favourite piece for festive occasions in fall and winter!
Mariele Frische
Marketing&Service Assistant