Frau Holland
Spring & Summer 2021

Frau Holland

A trip to our beautiful neighbouring country can change a lot. Joie de vivre, openness and creativity all flow towards us.
We could say: we can cut a slice of it. Say cheese...

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Jersey Top carmelita, cherry ladybug, Shirts, Black
Jersey Top carmelita, appel en peren , Shirts, Blue
Jersey Top carmelita, bloemen meisje, Shirts, Red
Jersey Top carmelita, eau de bloem, Shirts, Purple
Jersey Top carmelita, zondag zon , Shirts, Yellow
Summer Dress dansen met anni, tulip tulburg, Dresses, White
Summer Dress dansen met anni, hot house, Dresses, Purple
Summer Dress dansen met anni, laatste lieve, Dresses, Black
Culottes flotte culottes, hot house, Trousers, Purple
Culottes flotte culottes, laatste lieve, Trousers, Black
Culottes flotte culottes, tulip tulburg, Trousers, White
Summer Dress heart on fire, eau de bloem, Dresses, Purple
Summer Dress heart on fire, appel en peren , Dresses, Blue
Summer Dress heart on fire, bloemen meisje, Dresses, Red
Summer Dress heart on fire, cherry ladybug, Dresses, Black
Summer Dress heart on fire, zondag zon , Dresses, Yellow
Circle Skirt hello love, antje van ameland, Skirts, Blue
Circle Skirt hello love, ene mene meester, Skirts, Black
Circle Skirt hello love, voulez vous schaduw, Skirts, Red
I was inspired by the cheese girl's costume. Ms. Antje is the secret heroine of this collection.
Karin Ziegler
Founder and Head of Design
Summer Dress lekker meisje, ene mene meester, Dresses, Black
Summer Dress lekker meisje, antje van ameland, Dresses, Blue
Summer Dress lekker meisje, voulez vous schaduw, Dresses, Red