Tanz den Sommer
Spring & Summer 2022

Tanz den Sommer

The sun is our melody and the heat is the beat. In the summertime, our feet just can't stay still between hot days and balmy nights. Let yourself be carried away and dance the summer with us!

Discover the articles of the collection Tanz den Sommer :
Top American Neck, kissed by lava, Shirts, Red
Top American Neck, bitter lemon, Shirts, Yellow
Top American Neck, crop drop, Shirts, Green
Top American Neck, deep lake, Shirts, Blue
Top American Neck, dress like crocodile, Shirts, Green
Summer Dress Picknick Party, midnight june, Dresses, Blue
Summer Dress Picknick Party, dancing for rain, Dresses, Black
Summer Dress Picknick Party, ducky ducks, Dresses, Blue
Summer Dress Picknick Party, happy sunday, Dresses, Yellow
Summer Dress Picknick Party, loco croco, Dresses, Green

Dress Picknick Sister, love check, Dresses, Red
Dress Picknick Sister, poodle picnic, Dresses, Black
Feel the beat and dance with us!