Taiga Tales
Autumn & Winter 2021

Taiga Tales

Follow Mutroshka into the depths of the Siberian coniferous forests... Among the herbs and fruits of the forest, you can see the mystical beauty dancing in a clearing!

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Jumpsuit glamourama queen, bibi babuschka, Trousers, Red
Jumpsuit glamourama queen, dollies dots, Trousers, Red
Jumpsuit glamourama queen, lil´heartbreaker, Trousers, Blue
Jumpsuit glamourama queen, put a ring on it, Trousers, Black
Autumn Dress crown princess, franny frog, Dresses, Green
Autumn Dress crown princess, betty bordure, Dresses, Blue
Autumn Dress crown princess, bibi babuschka, Dresses, Red
Autumn Dress crown princess, dollies dots, Dresses, Red
Autumn Dress crown princess, lil´heartbreaker, Dresses, Blue
Circle Skirt elfentanz, herbal garden, Skirts, Green
Circle Skirt elfentanz, fleur de folk, Skirts, Blue
Circle Skirt elfentanz, mister porter, Skirts, Black
Circle Skirt elfentanz, rolling ruschka, Skirts, Red
Shift Dress home sweet, rolling ruschka, Dresses, Red
Shift Dress home sweet, fleur de folk, Dresses, Blue
Shift Dress home sweet, herbal garden, Dresses, Green
Shift Dress home sweet, mister porter, Dresses, Black
Autumn Dress shalala tralala, black star, Dresses, Black
Strong, brave and self-confident - Mutroshka!
Festive Dress thanksgiving  love, mutroschka, Dresses, Red
Festive Dress thanksgiving  love, allstar girls, Dresses, Blue
Festive Dress thanksgiving  love, belladonna, Dresses, Black
Festive Dress thanksgiving  love, greenery apple, Dresses, Green